Practice Areas

  • New Jersey Real Estate

    Molson Law Firm can assist individuals or couples with an experienced New Jersey real estate attorney to represent their interests.

  • Intellectual Property

    Molson Law Firm will seek the highest degree of protection possible, as well as exploring opportunities for licensing or transfer that may interest you.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Startups and entrepreneurs often require the ongoing service of a small business attorney who understands their specific needs. We can help.

  • Estate Planning

    Molson Law Firm is available to clients who are looking for a compassionate New Jersey estate planning attorney that they can trust.


At Molson Law Firm, your real estate transaction, estate plan or business venture, are treated as life experiences, not a set of documents. These “legal transactions” are pieces of your life that remain with you and your family for generations to come.

Are you looking to buy your first home?

How about learning how protect your family when you become incapacitated?

What is a trust?

What life events trigger the need for an estate plan or its revision?

Which state should you register your business?

Does your business have an exit strategy?

We know our clients have these questions. Our approach is to educate you through informative and clear advice spoken and presented in easily digestible terms. Molson law firm uses a holistic strategy, where she will teach and present to you all the options on your matter. After going through the options together, you and Attorney Molson will design a legal strategy best suited to you and your wishes.

Molson Law Firm also uses modern technology to facilitate a communication process that allows you to be in touch with Attorney Molson as you need and in what ever way is convenient for you. We will also teach you how to use a platform that gives you up to date information, progress reports and alerts on your matter. In this way, you are always kept informed and we can respond quickly to any requests or questions that you may have.

 With Attorney Molson, come learn how to protect your legacy, and choose a legal strategy that reflects your wishes. 



Attorney Molson is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Attorney Molson handles a variety of legal matters including: Real Estate, Estate Planning and Business Law.