Ashley Molson, Founder and Principal Attorney of Molson Law Firm, has worked to bring her purpose to her legal practice after realizing there was a lack of attorneys who bring passion, care and attention to people as they go through the process of real estate transactions in New Jersey. Licensed to practice law in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she has developed a unique firm centered around providing quality legal expertise combined with a passion for making sure clients are treated with importance and respect.

From the onset of her career, she knew her entire practice would be devoted to guiding her clients not just on legal matters, but also helping them with the emotional issues and stress that often arises during real estate deals.

Building a Practice Designed to Help Others

Ashley always knew she wanted to have her own practice focused on helping others rather than have to practice law according to the traditional “billable hour” mentality. She focuses on assisting clients rather than seeing their communications as a means to get another charge on an invoice. To gain knowledge and legal experience she worked as a Legal Associate to multiple solo practicing attorneys in Massachusetts and New Jersey. During law school, she interned directly under the Town Council of Braintree, Massachusetts and the General Counsel of a Government Agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Before law school, she went to business school in New York City to build up her business knowledge to support her entrepreneurial efforts, planning her educational journey strategically so she would be prepared to serve her future clients. As she worked her way through law school she also became certified as a yoga teacher to bring balance to her and her future clients lives.

She realized that the legal community needed a lawyer who was grounded in the practice of yoga and meditation. A balanced lawyer is better able to deal with client problems and concerns by approaching them with clarity. Since then, Ashley focused on developing a law practice that combined her mindfulness and yoga practices with her legal expertise.

Today, alongside her law practice, Ashley teaches professionals, including other lawyers, how to decrease their levels of stress, become more effective advocates and gain emotional intelligence. Ashley can communicate with her clients not just on the legal matters, but she is also able to empathize with them and guide them through the emotional struggles that real estate transactions are often fraught with. By using her perspective gained as a yoga student and instructor, she is turning the legal industry on its head by practicing law while continuing to train in these practices.

Ashley’s ultimate goal is to continue to provide expert legal services with compassion and guidance to all of her clients, agents, lenders, title companies and everyone she comes into communication with.