What a Closing Looks Like

Here at Molson Law Firm, LLC we like to take a moment to pause and make your closing special. You’ve gone through a lot of hard work and possibly stress to get here, so Closing day is your day to have it all come to completion!

We’re here to remind you this is an exciting, celebratory event and we want to make sure you feel that way. Here’s what a typical closing will look like with us:

  • Your closing will feel like a party and there may even be champagne involved
  • You’ll get a unique gift from us – it’s time to celebrate!
  • Be ready to take plenty of pictures so you can have some great memories of the day
  • Children are more than welcome. We always bring bubbles to make sure they have a great time too.
  • Have others you’d like to be involved? Families and close friends are also invited to join us.

Once you’ve made it to the closing we’re going to make sure you get your well-deserved celebration!