04 Sep

Info abt the woman behind the ATTY

Ashley Molson

I’d like to take a brief moment in this blog entry to share some things about myself with my clients and colleagues, both current and future. I want to be open about who I am personally to you all. So often we ask, who is that person underneath the lawyer hat? Here is a small slice of who I am.

What are my hobbies? If you know me at all, you know I have a lot of these! Ahh…where do I start?

Hiking/Adventure Seeking

In the spring and summer, I spend at least one day on the weekend hiking in NY. Usually you can find me on a trail called Breakneck Ridge. This trail, if you’ve never done it, is definitely worth doing! It is not for the feint hearted, but great for anyone looking to put him or herself out of their comfort zone and get a great workout.


I started dancing ballet at the age of 4 and took classes of all kinds thereafter. To this day I continue to dance. I often go out dancing salsa. Salsa, salsa, salsa… I love this style of dance. As a hobby, it is simply amazing. It is social, uplifting, healthy and full of energy. I take classes in NYC. Also, every night there is a salsa club playing music somewhere.


Lastly… there’s yoga. When I am practicing yoga, I feel most at home. When I am teaching yoga, I am teaching people how to feel at home, anywhere, in the comfort of their own body. Teaching and practicing yoga impacts all facets of my life. The following are a few benefits that I receive from both teaching and practice: I am more present and aware, I think more clearly, and I am more down to earth, which is the opposite of yogi stereotype ;). Also, yoga is helping me master the skill of reciprocal adaptation, which is when you listen to someone or assist someone without letting your mind wander. If you let your mind wander while engaging in an activity, you are not invested and mistakes will happen more often. You reciprocally adapt your intention to the receiver of your attention. This is especially helpful when practicing law and engaging with clients.

I enjoy other activities as well, like skiing, surfing, fishing, exploring, cooking, and etc., but the above-mentioned activities are most dear to my heart. 

Interests & Personality

Nutrition and Fitness

From my hobbies, it goes without saying that I am interested in fitness and nutrition. When I was in law school, I realized that part of the battle of getting through school was simply having the energy to survive. I started learning what foods I needed to eat in order to fuel me through the day.

I took my “diet”, which now I call lifestyle, by the reigns and started to study the impact of food on my body and mind. It has taken me quite a few years, but I have a system down that is working quite well. I am always learning more about how I can maximize my life by choosing certain foods over others. What is most important is to become aware of your body, connect with how it feels and learn what works best for you.

Cooking is a large part of nutrition and fitness as well. I discovered a love for cooking when changing my diet. On weekends I often try to come up with a new recipe, or I cook a favorite one, not simply to taste the food when it’s done, but because I love being in the kitchen. I love the creative process of what I call, “chefery.”

Financial Education

My undergraduate education is in finance, but more recently I have decided to make financial education a continuing part of my self-improvement. There is so much to learn! I am focusing on learning the ins and outs of real estate investing and hope to purchase some income producing properties in the near future.

I am also active in trading on the stock market. I have learned how to hedge, how to trade and how to understand the market and things that impact it. It is risky, yes, but taking risk can come with great rewards.


Above all the things you could learn about me, it is most important that I express to you my respect for values. It is important to always respect yourself and make the decisions that you think are right for you while being firmly rooted in those choices. Having values requires placing an importance on things. I place importance on my job, my profession, my passions, my family, significant other, friends and my self-improvement.

In closing, as your lawyer, current or future, or your colleague, I hope that you enjoyed reading a little more about me and I can promise you all one thing from this point forward:

I am dedicated to serving each of you and to serving with the utmost respect, honesty, clarity and intellect.