If you are in need of a Massachusetts and New Jersey business attorney, estate planning lawyer or NJ Real Estate lawyer, Molson Law Firm offers new clients a Free Initial Consultation.

new jersey business attorneyWe believe in you. Do you believe in your hard work? All of your blood, sweat and tears you have devoted to working and saving… We encourage you to take the next step and protect that money during your life and for the next generation. Take that next step and schedule an initial consultation to explore using our solution-oriented services. Our firm utilizes communication technology to manage every stage of client work, so that you are always aware of the progress of your case.

The initial consultation begins the attorney-client relationship, although you are not obligated to use our services afterward. In our first meeting, we will discuss your legal issues, but we will not arrive at specific solutions. Instead, the consultation is a conversation that will give you the chance to share your concerns and a followup meeting will be scheduled. During the time between our meetings Ms. Molson will generate a list of strategies that you should take and you will be able to pick the strategy that suits you the most.

Lastly, our fees will be fixed unless it is in the benefit of the client to charge an hourly rate. At Molson Law Firm we know that saving money and predictable costs go hand in hand.

Prior to the Consultation

When you contact us we will send you an intake form to fill out, which will contain the relevant information about your personal data and legal issue. You should also send an encrypted email with any papers or documents that relate to your case, and be prepared to discuss details. If you decide not to retain us, we will archive your information in a secure area, which will be accessible if you decide to let us work for you in the future.

Before the consultation it may be helpful to review the questions that you want to ask us, as well as your priorities and any dates of anticipated completion. This is your chance to get the informed perspective of a skilled Massachusetts and New Jersey business attorney, estate planning lawyer, and Real Estate lawyer who can help you work toward a creative outcome to suit your personal or business goals.