About Molson Law Firm, LLC

At Molson Law Firm there’s a purpose behind everything. We want to provide legal services that make you feel confident your transaction is being handled in your best interests along with ongoing communication so you’re up to date on what’s happening.

Our practice is centered around real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. We work with buyers and sellers and also work directly with real estate agents, title companies and lenders.

Connect with Convenience

In today’s busy world we know it can be hard to make time. We recognize how important it is to be able to reach your lawyer at your convenience. Ashley has vowed to be a lawyer that suits this need by providing focused service through the use of technology and responsive client communication techniques.

We’re here to make your life easier!

Our Agent Relationship

We recognize that buyers and sellers are not our only clients and we play an integral role in the real estate agent having a good relationship with their client. If the client winds up unhappy with their attorney referral it doesn’t reflect well on the real estate agent, so we’re focused on working closely with the agent as a team to foster a positive relationship. We work one on one with agents to make sure we’re on the same page so when information is provided to the client they feel supported, rather than getting conflicting details.

If you’re an agent who’s on the market for a new attorney we’d love to speak with you to see how we can become a team together.

Silly, but common question, 🙂 Why is the office phone number from Massachusetts?

Ashley went to law school in Boston and fell in love with the city. She thought she was going to live there permanently and switched her phone number to a Massachusetts one. When she wound up moving back to New Jersey and started her practice by herself from the ground up she decided to keep the original personal number as a reminder of where she started from.

Not only do countless people now have that number and a direct line in to Ashley, but it serves as a reminder to Ashley and her team of where they started. It helps keep us humble!