When you’re dealing with a real estate transaction you need a lawyer you can count on to give you quality legal counsel while staying by your side through every step of the process. At Molson Law Firm our experienced lawyers believe in providing nothing less than innovative and personal legal services for our clients.

How We Can Help: Real Estate

Buyers and sellers of real estate can rely on our legal advice and document preparation to ensure that their closing goes forward as planned. Every real estate transaction is different and when a situation arises we’re prepared to handle it for you, managing every aspect of the deal negotiation, drafting contracts, title issues, and closing.

Here are just a few ways our experienced New Jersey real estate attorneys work to help our clients:

  • Draft custom contracts to protect your interests rather than relying on the standard “form” contracts normally provided by real estate agents
  • Provide a legal advocate at your side from start to finish
  • Draft purchase and sales agreements
  • Manage the flow of paperwork in an expedient manner
  • Key negotiator of all issues that arise
  • Oversee results of home inspections and surveys

We’re committed to protecting your interests throughout the process while trying to eliminate as much of the normal stress and worry that comes along with real estate deals.

Our Clients are our number one priority

From home buying to purchasing investment property to selling, we’re here to guide you through every single step of the buying journey. When you rely on our firm for help you’re getting help from someone who’s only interested in representing your best interests, no matter what situation comes up.

Real estate comes with a lot of complex and nuanced pieces that can be difficult to interpret and manage without an experienced attorney. Nearly every deal has some unexpected issues pop up and every situation is unique. With the right attorney, you can breathe easier knowing that it’s going to be handled no matter what it is.

Are you considering buying or selling a property? Get in touch for a consultation and we will show you how we can help you have as stress-free a transaction as possible.