If you’re in need of a New Jersey real estate attorney, let us explain a little bit about what working with us looks like.

Onboarding Process

Many of our clients reach out because their realtor referred them or they found us online. When you contact us, we will send you an intake form to fill out along with what forms we’ll need.

The process starts with a quick 15-20 minute conversation to get things rolling where we’ll talk about:

  • Where you are in the process
  • Do you have a buyer
  • Finalize fees
  • Decide what method of communication you prefer. We’re flexible so it’s what works best for you –  email, text or phone
  • Business phone is a cell phone so can be reached conveniently

If you decide to hire us we’ll then:

  • Request realtor information
  • Send out a welcome email with all the details
  • Introduce you to our other team members
  • Send retainer agreement to sign

At the same time, we’ll reach out to your realtor to send the contract as well as the other attorney’s information so you can get ready for attorney review {{INSERT VIDEO LINK TO WHAT IS ATTORNEY REVIEW}}. We’ll handle this all on the back end to make this as simple as possible for you.


95% of the time our fees are fixed to make it easy to know what your costs will be upfront. We charge the same whether you are buying or selling. There are unique times when it’s to the benefit of the client to charge an hourly rate, so we do have that option, but is often not necessary.

Most people don’t have many questions during the first conversation – and that’s okay! It’s very normal and it’s why the initial call is typically so fast. Every transaction and property is different and so are the people involved. As we go through the process together you’ll have questions that we’ll answer for you as we take you through your transaction step by step.

From the beginning we’ll be your advocate and your guide as you go through the process. When obstacles and challenges arise, as they normally do in real estate transactions, we’ll be here to provide solutions and answers. From start to finish we’ll be by your side to get you to closing with as little stress as possible.