Molson Law Firm has an intellectual property lawyer who understands the legal process of applying for and registering copyrights and trademarks.

intellectual property lawyerFor many businesses or creators of original works, intellectual property protection is essential to preserve ownership rights. We offer you these services to protect your financial and ownership interests, so that you can be secure in the use and sale of your intellectual property.


Federal copyright statutes protect your original works of authorship, such as books, music, artwork, and photography. Although you do have some protections as soon as you create the work, our firm can take it one step further and apply for formal registration with the US Copyright Office. When we register your copyright, it increases the degree of statutory protection as well as remedies if your copyright is subject to infringement.

Once we register your copyright, you will have the peace of mind to use the works in many ways including:

  • Reproduction, distribution and sale.
  • Public display or performances.
  • Digital reproduction and transmission.

In addition, we can advise you on several ways to transfer the rights to your works such as:

  • Exclusive or non-exclusive transfers for a specific purpose.
  • Assignment and sale of all rights.
  • Licensing for limited use.

Our legal services include drafting the contracts and agreements for authorized use of your copyrighted material, including assignment and licensing agreements.

In the event that a third party uses your work without authorization, you can file a copyright infringement lawsuit to halt the activity and recover damages. If you are the creator of original works, you deserve an intellectual property lawyer who understands the value of your ownership rights, and will give you the legal counsel you need for maximum protection of the usage and value.


If you have a business or brand that you are currently using in commerce, then you may already have a viable trademark. The most important factor is whether you have the first use of the trademark, and our firm can conduct the research and application process to give your trademark the protection needed against infringement and unauthorized use. Any name, brand, or logo can potentially be registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office as long as a similar mark is not currently in use. Once registered, the trademark has advantages over unregistered marks such as:

  • National recognition and protection.
  • Presumed ownership and validity.
  • Access to federal court to file infringement lawsuits.
  • Easily searched by others, giving notice of use in commerce.

For this reason, we encourage you to register your business brand or identity, and we can offer the following services for your trademark:

  • Conducting initial searches to determine any prior use of the trademark.
  • Filing the application for federal trademark protection.
  • Advising you on how to approach any instances of trademark infringement.
  • Drafting licensing and assignment agreements for authorized use of your trademark.

Molson Law Firm: Skilled Intellectual Property Lawyer

When you are seeking protection of your intellectual property ownership rights, you need an attorney who is both responsive and skilled in this technical area of law. Molson Law Firm offers legal services with fixed rates to manage your costs, while maintaining a transparent flow of communication and progress reports on your application and results. You will always know the status of your copyright or trademark registration, and we will keep you informed on any issues that might arise.

Because intellectual property rights have real financial worth, our firm is serious about seeking the highest degree of protection possible, as well as exploring opportunities for licensing or transfer that may interest you. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can begin the process of application and registration right away.