Molson Law Firm is available to clients who are looking for a New Jersey estate planning attorney that they can trust.

new jersey estate planning attorneyOur firm offers a personal lawyer service that can help you with the important decisions regarding your estate and distribution of your assets. The process of estate planning requires the type of lawyer who understands both the legal and personal aspects of preparing your estate, and we are ready to discuss your options with you at any time. If you have an estate plan already, you may want us to review and update the documents to reflect changes in the law or your own situation.

Areas of Estate Planning Services

Molson Law Firm can handle any type of estate planning for you and your family, and we encourage you to consider making these preparations to give you the peace of mind that your health, resources and family priorities have all been considered. Without these estate planning steps, your estate and healthcare will be decided by state statutes, courts and medical authorities, which may not reflect your intentions. Even younger individuals or couples need to consider estate planning, to protect against any unforeseen circumstances.

We offer the following services in estate planning:

Drafting of Wills and Trusts

A will or trust is the primary document that you will use to distribute your property to your heirs. This is a critical piece of estate planning since you will be naming specific assets to be given to family members according to your wishes. It is also possible to make bequests to charities or other individuals, or to provide for ongoing support for children. A will is the traditional method of documenting your final wishes, but a trust may be more appropriate for those with complex estates, business ownership, or family financial obligations.

Advising on Retirement Plan and Insurance Beneficiary Designations

Most retirement plans and life insurance policies have beneficiary designations, and this is an often-overlooked part of estate planning. We will help you evaluate whether those designations should be changed, since they may affect the rest of your estate plan, including potential tax issues.

Powers of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives

A power of attorney will give a trusted family member or friend the ability to make your financial or health care decisions if you are unable. In case of illness or incapacity, your affairs can still be managed according to your directions. Along with a power of attorney we will draft an advance medical directive for you, which will specify your preferences for certain medical procedures or end of life care. Without these critical instructions, medical professionals may be unable to act according to your own values and choices on medical care.

Molson Law Firm: Massachusetts and New Jersey Estate Planning Lawyer

Our firm knows that estate planning can be an emotional or difficult process for some individuals or couples, and want to help ease the stress of making these decisions. After we have an initial consultation, we can evaluate your estate and family situation to give you the best options for distributing assets, minimizing taxes and taking care of family members. In the event that your personal or financial circumstances change, we can easily amend your estate plan, and we want to be your ongoing resource for all of your family’s estate planning needs.

Please contact us for a consultation so that we can begin the process of organizing your estate with a plan that is optimal for you and your family.