Molson Law Firm can assist individuals or couples with an experienced New Jersey real estate attorney to represent their interests.

new jersey real estate attorneyIndividuals or couples who are ready to buy or sell residential or investment property will benefit from our legal services at every stage of the transaction.

While many real estate agents will tell you that an attorney is unnecessary, every property transaction involves complex contractual and financing commitments that require the oversight of your own lawyer. By using our firm, you will have a legal advocate at your side from the time of the initial offer to the date of closing. Whether this is your first purchase of a home or if you are experienced in real estate, our services can eliminate the stress and worry from the entire process.

Real Estate Legal Services

Our firm can assist you with the full spectrum of your real estate needs, and in every transaction we will provide the following services:

  • Drafting the purchase and sale agreement according to your interests.
  • Scheduling of dates for accepting offers, securing financing and closing.
  • Overseeing the results of home inspections and surveys.
  • Confirming the title clearing process, and identifying liens and encumbrances.
  • Securing the mortgage commitment and reviewing all financing agreements.
  • Reviewing closing instructions and required documents and conditions of sale.
  • Attending the closing on the scheduled date, and finalizing the transaction.

We are committed to representing your interests in the transaction, ensuring that there are no delays or unfulfilled terms of the agreement. You can rely on Molson Law Firm to be available and responsive at every stage, with regular updates on the progress of your purchase or sale.

For Buyers

If you are a homebuyer or purchasing investment property, Molson Law Firm can guide you in the process of researching properties, making an offer and negotiating price, selecting home inspectors, obtaining financing and drafting a contract. If you take these steps on your own you may be at a disadvantage, since most realtors are agents for the seller, and cannot fairly represent both parties. With our legal counsel, you can rely on the fact that we represent only your interests in the transaction, and will advise you of any terms or conditions that are unfavorable, or unnecessary expenses.

For Sellers

Selling real estate requires attention to many details such as listing the property, use of realtors and commission structure, condition of the property and finding a suitable buyer. Our firm can advise you on how to approach the sale of your property and whether you should use a realtor or list it on your own. As seller, you have an obligation to disclose property defects or liens against the title, and we can help you clear up any issues that might interrupt the sale.

Molson Law Firm: Skilled New Jersey Real Estate Attorney

The purchase and sale of real estate can appear simple, but many transactions fall apart or end in conflict because one party did not fulfill terms of the agreement. You can avoid these types of issues with quality legal counsel who has the experience in real estate to protect your interests, and structure the transaction with clear and precise terms for each party.

In the modern property marketplace, it is no longer enough to rely on standard form contracts supplied by a realtor, and you will need a customized purchase and sale agreement drafted by our firm. In this way, you will know that the unique aspects of the sale are covered in the contract, and that nothing will be overlooked. If you are considering buying or selling property in the near future, please contact us for a consultation, and we will show you how we can help you avoid problems and successfully complete the transaction.