Startups and entrepreneurs often require the ongoing service of a small business attorney who understands their specific needs.

small business attorneyThere are numerous legal issues that can arise for any business, and Molson Law Firm is prepared to help you resolve any problem that may come up in running your enterprise. One of the challenges facing a small business is that they cannot afford in-house legal counsel, yet a business must have consistent legal advice at various stages of development. Our firm offers an ongoing legal service for entrepreneurs that is tailored to your unique requirements and business structure.

Client Communication Using Information Technology

Our firm’s commitment to responsive and transparent legal counsel ensures that our clients receive constant communication about the status of their business matter. Progress may be viewed via our client portal, where you may access more information about your case.

Small Business Legal Services

Molson Law Firm offers entrepreneurs and small businesses the following legal services:

  • Business structure and registration: Selecting a business structure is an important step, depending on your management and ownership priorities. We can help you decide which structure is best for you and others involved, and we will then make sure that all business registration and formalities are completed.
  • Partnership or shareholder agreements: If you are planning on having a partnership, then our firm can draft an agreement that covers ownership percentages, investment amounts, partner responsibilities and profit sharing. Corporations will also need shareholder agreements that meet all legal requirements for this type of business form.
  • Vendor contracts and leases: Depending on the nature of your business, you may require high quality contracts with vendors for goods and services. We can draft service or sales contracts for you at any time, so that your business interests are protected from breach or non-performance. We can also assist you with property or office leases, including negotiating lease rates, deposits, and other terms.
  • Intellectual property registration: Copyrights and trademarks can be a valuable asset for a business, and our firm is experienced in registering intellectual property at a national level. Even a new business should be aware of any competing or similar trademarks in use, and we can conduct this research for you, as well as the formal registration process to maximize protection of your intellectual property.
  • Review of financing options: If you are in need of a small business loan, venture capital or other financing, we can review with you the best options to seek funding for your projects.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: In the event that you want to grow your business through purchasing other enterprises, our firm can handle the preparation, negotiation and documentation required for an acquisition.

All of these services are available for clients at any time, and we are committed to helping you anticipate upcoming legal needs to prevent any business or transactional delays.

Molson Law Firm: Representing Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Your small business attorney at Molson Law Firm is sensitive to your need for quality legal counsel at an affordable cost. We structure our legal services according to your preferences, using fixed fees for many of our services so that you know your costs upfront. If you are looking for a ‘virtual’ in-house counsel we can offer you subscription rates that will help you budget for your ongoing legal expenses. All of these measures are designed to give you access to your attorney when you need assistance, and to avoid unnecessary expense.

Our firm represents clients in both New Jersey and Massachusetts, and we invite you to schedule an initial consultation at your convenience.