More than anything we want to provide our clients with the best possible experience, making it as easy and comfortable as we can. To support that we use Track with Ease, the greatest and most cutting edge real estate practice software that keeps us ahead of the technology curve while making sure your closing is handled.

A better experience for you

Client, real estate agents and lenders all have access to this program, meaning documents can be uploaded and shared with everyone (no more of those typical “can you send that again emails”!). There’s also a portal where you can track the progress of your closing so you’re never left wondering where things stand. You’ll even notifications as changes take place so you’re constantly in the loop during this important time of your life.

The automated system also makes life easier for your real estate agent by letting them easily request all of the typical paperwork and documents that are standard with any transaction like a Certificate of Occupancy or deposit information. The organized and easy to use program makes it less stressful for everyone involved and keeps you as a part of the process every step of the way.

But more than anything, our use of this software means a better experience for you – which is the whole intention behind our firm.