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    Buying and Selling 101: No Verbal Agreements

    THE SELLER PROMISED ME THEY’D LEAVE THE SNOWBLOWER, BUT AT THE FINAL WALKTHROUGH IT WAS GONE, WHAT DO I DO? When you’re selling a home and you have furniture or fixtures that you’re going to be selling to the buyer or if you’re the buyer and you’re going to be purchasing things from the seller […]

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    The “Exit Tax” Myth

    WHAT IS THE NJ EXIT TAX?  The “exit tax” is really just another word for the  NJ realty transfer tax, but it also is not totally how it sounds. Let’s explore this more shall we? The Realty transfer tax can be thought of as a sales tax applied on any sale of real estate property […]

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    Tips when Buying a Multifamily Home

    BUYING MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTY TIPS Hello and welcome to this post! I’m excited you’re here and in this post I will provide tips, info and questions you should ask yourself when you are buying a multi-family property.  There are two different directions a buyer will be taking when buying a multifamily home:  This is an investment […]

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    Assignment Contracts 101

    ASSIGNMENT CONTRACTS 101 Assignment contracts are very popular with investors. This topic is definitely for newer investors or even for realtors who are starting to work with investors. If that sounds like you, continue reading! In the world of real estate investing, you’re going to encounter contracts that are called “assignment contracts”. Assignment contracts are […]

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