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    Residential Single Family Home Buyers

    Every year hundreds of first time home buyers choose to work with us. We are reliable, communicative, kind and compassionate. We understand that you know NOTHING about the home buying process and that you need a leader and someone to guide you. You will have many questions and we will be there to answer them every step of the way. We believe in transparency and so we invite you into every email, we give you a key to the back door to your file through our online portal, Track with Ease, and we even try to answer your questions before you ask them. We encourage new home buyers to work with us because not only do we have the legal and technical knowledge, but we are kind, compassionate, patient and communicative.

    Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or this is your second or third home, you need someone who is going to be there for you every step of the way. From the simple questions like, “what comes next”, to “we had our inspection and we are no longer interested in closing, what do we do?”, we will be there to guide you. Buying a home is one of the most significant and large investments of your life. You need an attorney who understands how important this is to you and who will be able to effectively communicate to you the steps, issues and rights you have

    Steps to Buying a Home in NJ

    • Contact us for a free consultation
    • Find the home of your dreams with your agent and the home you love and make an offer
    • Get your offer accepted and Contact us so we can open a file for you
    • Begin and Conclude Attorney Review
    • Submit your deposit, contact your lender to begin the application for your mortgage and schedule your inspections
    • Our office will order title insurance and a survey on your behalf
    • Order your appraisal through your lender
    • Have your inspections and go over your reports with your agent and our office and submit your inspection requests to the sellers. Come to a resolution on inspection negotiations.
    • Obtain your mortgage commitment, title commitment and survey.
    • Confirm the Seller has performed the repairs they promised, if any.
    • Obtain Seller Sale Docs including the Certificate of Occupancy and or Smoke Certificate.
    • Obtain clear title and Clear your Loan to Close.
    • Schedule Closing!

    Click here to download our Guide to buying a home in
    New Jersey.

    Home Buying

    Our service & communication sets us apart

    Jimmy David

    Had a great experience with Ashley and the whole Molson Law Firm team. They were really helpful in explaining things and walking me through the process. I also really enjoyed the online process tracker they used to keep me up to date on all the different tasks at play with selling my place!

    Home Seller

    Cyndi Rivera

    Ashley and her entire team were amazing to work with. They were efficient, informative, and fast in their response throughout my entire home purchasing process. I was so impressed by their service that I refer my business partner to them literally a few weeks later. Keep up the great work. Thank you for everything.


    Danielle Sanchez

    Ashley and Nina are extremely organized, knowledgeable and helpful with the legalities of buying and selling a home. They go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met. When you have concerns, they schedule and respond to calls immediately. They even provide you with a weekly checklist to make sure you are completing the tasks required for a quick closing. I would highly recommend them for any future purchase or selling of your home.


    Mike Austin

    Ashley represented a seller whose contract I assigned to an investor and did a great job for her. So good that I decided to use Ashley for a building that I decided to sell. After multiple contract changes and about 9 months, we finally closed. Ashley was on top of everything the whole time. Through all of the inspections that had to be done and the requests from the buyers bank, she kept everything in order. I would use Ashley again without any hesitation.


    Victor Ng

    A top notch real estate law firm that leverages technology and an extremely competent, caring, and responsive staff to serve their clients! It is easy to see why the Molson Law Firm has become so successful in a relatively short amount of time and also why buyers love working with them!


    Lisa Hill

    The best real estate attorney hands down. She is a true gem. Knowledgeable , professional and such a pleasure to work with. We have worked on several real estate deals together, and I recommend her to all my clients. She goes over and above for her clients and is always accessible. She is also the one to calm everyone's nerves when things get hectic. Love working with Ashley!!